Safe Environment


  • We will have classes periodically for renewals. (To be announced)
  • Required every year

If you can’t make it to class:

  1. Visit website:
  2. Go to: “My Obligations”
  3. Enter and update your information
  4. Watch one video, and pass a quiz with a score of 70% or better


To meet the safety environment requirements of the diocese, there are several steps to COMPLETE:

  1. Fill out this online screening form and turn in the release form:
    1. For Ministry Info, please choose “Volunteer”
    2. For Location, please choose “Mother of Perpetual Help Parish — Garland

Be careful, “Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish — Dallas” This is NOT us!

  1. For Position, please choose “Volunteer”
  2. For Title, please type in “Thanh Nien”
  3. Since you do not have safety environment records anywhere, please choose the option “I am not a registered member of any location.”
  4. References: Provide 3 non-family persons you know for more than 3 years. The church will call to verify, so please have correct phone # and inform your references.
  5. Please read and acknowledge that you read the policy documents below upon completing the screening form.
  1. Read the Safe Environment Program.
  1. Read the Read Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  1. Read the Social Media Policy.
  1. Interview: Interviews will be available on training days or per request.
  1. Attend an Initial Training “Family of Faith” at ONE of the Locations/Times below:
    1. Location: Trung Tâm Thánh An Phong/ Alphonsus Building

Date and Time: Classes(TBA) To Be Announced

    1. Schedule class with our Safety team.
    2. You can take the “Family of Faith” class at any parish in the diocese.

Click on this link to get more info:
When you attend there, ask for a certificate to prove that you have taken the class.
Bring the certificate back to our church and give it to Chị Chi in our KGD office.

  1. When you are safety-environment cleared, you can wear a Picture Badge when you are teaching/serving the church and youth.

Please complete ALL steps before September of each year if possible.

Every year, you are REQUIRED to attend one Safety Environment Training.

Contact Information: Mother of Perpetual Help Parish — Garland Safety Environment Team

Chị Chi Ngô

Chị Thanh Nga

  • After reading the Safe Environment Program, Sexual Misconduct Policy, and Social Media Policy documents provided in links above, acknowledge the policies when filling out online screening form.
  • Sign to acknowledge the policies if requested by Safety team.